Dhwesha - Sthoopa (CD)

Dhwesha - Sthoopa (CD)

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The Indian death metal band DHWESHA present their first album, including eight occult and dark formulas in the essence of a rotten death metal ritual! The darkest vocals ever heard break through the massive riffs and speak of ancient rites and deepest denial of human ignorance.


Track listing

  1. Sattva Bali
  2. Sthoopa
  3. Dhwesha
  4. Hoy! Sala
  5. Ugra Narasimha
  6. Sabhe
  7. Yuddhabhumi
  8. Kapala Haara


From the outset on Sattvi Bali, the band showcase their talent, with a great melodic riff played high up the fretboard, before the band brings on the heaviness, playing that same riff down down an octave with more distortion amongst punchy mid-paced drums. With the two guitarists they have a great sound, their lead guitarist playing the lead riffs in a more melodic style higher up the fretboard, while the rhythm guitarist plays riffs with a great old school chunky tone, with a thick trebly sound similar to Asphyx. The vocals are fantastic, screaming away like a deeper, more tortured Chuck Schuldiner, in the Indian language of course, but it's the production on it that makes it work so well. Echoing slightly, there's a cavernous effect on the vocals, which range from more straight forward screams to brutal grunts. - 5/5