Draugurinn - Moduhardindin (CD)

Draugurinn - Moduhardindin (CD)

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Third album. Shamanic and Nordic sound. Ritual ambient album with spiritual path and daddlers into the pagan mysteries of old, and it should appeal to individuals into Asatru as well. Ritual pagan ambient.


Track listing

  1. Ur Minni Eldgjaar
  2. Vaknar Reidi Lakagigs
  3. Hun Kallar A Surt Og Syni Hans
  4. Hun Kallar A Loga Og Loka, Heidr Og Systur Hennar
  5. Thau Skapa ur Eldinum, Kotlu Og Heklu
  6. Thau Skapa ur Eldinum, Kulda Og Dauda
  7. Moduhardindin