Excessum - Death Redemption (CD)

Excessum - Death Redemption (CD)

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Debut full-length from EXCESSUM - Swedish black metal, 2005.
We first received the bands second tape "Bleed Eternally" nearly three years ago, finally the CD is available and it will be their final release. Various other projects will be formed from the split. Members of this record have already been involved with BLUT, MATRICIDE, HUMAN DEATH, HOLOCAUSTIA...


Track listing

  1. Ceremonial Blessings
  2. Ritual Through Holy Blood
  3. The Mournful Held Within
  4. Death Redemption
  5. Lies of the Deceiver
  6. Creations (Of the Divine Architect)
  7. Bleed Eternally
  8. The Luciferian Flame


Yet, in the end, Excessum have more than doubly proved their worth. Through amazing guitar-work, a tremendous vocal performance, and the song structures to back it up, Sweden's Excessum have truly released one of the greatest, and most matured debut albums I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. - 5/5