Folkvang / Pagan Hellfire - Firmament Eclipse (CD)

Folkvang / Pagan Hellfire - Firmament Eclipse (CD)

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Split between FOLKVANG (Belarus) and PAGAN HELLFIRE (Candada). FOLKVANG side includes a cover of KATATONIA's Murder and a PAGAN HELLFIRE song "Night is When we March", Incarnatus of PAGAN HELLFIRE is also the session drummer on these FOLKVANG recordings.


Track listing

  1. Folkvang - Water, Fire, Air and Earth
  2. Folkvang - Renovation
  3. Folkvang - Night Is When We March (Pagan Hellfire cover)
  4. Folkvang - Murder (Katatonia cover)
  5. Pagan Hellfire - A Symbol of Unity
  6. Pagan Hellfire - To Take Up Arms
  7. Pagan Hellfire - Impact of Gods (Folkvang cover)
  8. Pagan Hellfire - Erdennacht (Forseti cover)