Frozen Ocean - The Prowess of Dormition (CD)

Frozen Ocean - The Prowess of Dormition (CD)

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FROZEN OCEAN was released from the ice of the Russian wastes in 2005 by Vaarwel; the man, the entity responsible for all the boundless creativity to have emerged under that banner. From the beginning FROZEN OCEAN has stood alone, not adhering to any one genre, part of no scene, simply wandering wherever Vaarwel's creative spirit takes him, but always, always summoning sounds to fire the imagination. Each FROZEN OCEAN release is a unique listening experience, but all drawn together by incredible, immersive atmosphere - be that in the form of the raw black metal of the savage Norse trilogy of albums (Likegyldig Raseri, Vanviddsanger and Natt Over Meg), the beautiful ambience of A Perfect Solitude, the enthralling musical story telling of Trollvinter, the all-enveloping dream of Prills Of Remembrance or the epic exploration of space that is the cold majesty of The Dyson Swarm. There is nothing that can quite compare to FROZEN OCEAN.


Track listing

  1. No Blizzard
  2. Once Aglow
  3. Det siste snøfallet
  4. The Prowess of Dormition


The band offers a full bodied sound while deploying a varied songwriting approach. Rather than focusing on nothing but fiery trem riffing, Frozen Ocean delivers a barrage of chunky backing riffs while the leads bring cycling trem picking, offering cold, underlying melodies. Vaarwel's vocals are distorted, deep and raspy growls, syncing up quite well with the trem riffing. The programmed percussion offers some interesting movements, rather than just blasting along for eternity, but it sounds pretty damn good as far as programming goes. - 4/5