Funeral - As the Light Does the Shadow (CD)

Funeral - As the Light Does the Shadow (CD)

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The Norwegian cult doom metal band delivers the most dark, gloomy and bombastic release to date and by incorporating the full orchestra, they will bring doom to an entire new level of darkness and despair. Ten tracks of funeral doom the way it is meant to be: heavy, dark and crushing yet incorporating harmonies of utter sadness.


Track listing

  1. The Will to Die
  2. Those Fated to Fall
  3. The Strength to End It
  4. The Elusive Light
  5. In the Fathoms of Wit and Reason
  6. Towards the End
  7. Let Us Die Alone
  8. The Absence of Heaven
  9. Hunger
  10. Fallen One


Expanding on the crushing riffage accented by the occasional string accompaniment of From These Wounds, FUNERAL this time adds a bit more bombast by incorporating more of a full-orchestra sound. Occasional use of brass and woodwind makes fuller a sound that was already suffocating... Anyone who likes their Doom smothering, and who has an appreciation for solid song structure has no excuse for not owning this. - 5/5