Gallhammer - Ruin of a Church (DVD)

Gallhammer - Ruin of a Church (DVD)

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GALLHAMMER Live at Colchester Arts Centre (Suffolk, UK), 25th September 2007.

Bonus Features

  • Live at Barfly, London. Tracks: Hallucination, Blind My Eyes, At The Onset Of The Age Of Despair
  • Live at Club Maiden, Olso Norway. Tracks: Crucifixion, Speed Of Blood, At the Onset of the Age of Despair
  • Promo Videos for: Hallucination, World To Be Ashes
  • Band Interviews
  • Photo Gallery


Track listing

  1. Hallucination
  2. Speed of Blood
  3. Blind My Eyes
  4. Song of Fall
  5. May Our Father Die
  6. Beyond the Hate Red
  7. Crucifixion
  8. Endless Nauseous Days
  9. At the Onset of the Age of Despair