Gorgon - The Lady Rides a Black Horse (2010 Reissue) (CD)

Gorgon - The Lady Rides a Black Horse (2010 Reissue) (CD)

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The lady rides!

GORGON was formed by lead guitarist and vocalist Chris in 1991, during black metal's emerging and maturing second wave. As with many bands of this period, GORGON's sound is distinctly original and possessing incredible power with a permeating occult atmosphere.

15th Anniversary Resurrection!

Exclusive bonus tracks for this new edition include two unreleased 1994 recordings with The Lady... lineup and the cult Immortal Horde EP, their first major release following the 1992 Call from Unknown Depths demo.

The booklet has been redesigned using original photos taken during 1995. Complete album lyrics are included.

A classic of early nineties black metal too often overshadowed by inferior bands from the region. We hope this release helps to create a re-appreciation of GORGON's work, one of the first and greatest French black metal bands! It's a fine day for a... return.


Track listing

  1. Among Fogs of Oblivion
  2. Tower of Gargoyles
  3. The Lady Rides a Black Horse
  4. Call from Unknown Depths
  5. As a Stone
  6. The Union
  7. At the Memory of the Past
  8. Elizabeth
  9. Swallowed Thoughts
  10. Immortal Horde
  11. The Day Required
  12. Fall as a Goal
    Previously Unreleased, 1994
  13. Pseudomonarchia
    Previously Unreleased, 1994
  14. Ephaistos
    Immortal Horde, EP 1993
  15. Elizabeth
    Immortal Horde, EP 1993
  16. Immortal Horde
    Immortal Horde, EP 1993