Graveyard Ghoul - The Living Cemetery (CD)

Graveyard Ghoul - The Living Cemetery (CD)

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The 2nd full album of GRAVEYARD GHOUL called The Living Cemetery. 10 brand new songs of real old school death metal, on this new record their song writing is much more complex than on the debut album, but be sure they'll keep their old charm of nihilistic and horror-stricken 90s worshipping death metal. The sound is still rancid like you love it from the debut. For total music enjoying don't use high end equipment, this music was created for old school standard stereo equipment. Throw your subwoofers away and enter the Living Cemetery. GRAVEYARD GHOUL is influenced by bands like: AUTOPSY, (early) DEATH, NIHILIST, SLAUGHTER LORD, MERCILESS, REPULSION, CARNAGE, CANCER, MORBID SAINT, MORBUS CHRON and REPUKED to name a few.


Track listing

  1. Lunatic Possession
  2. Living Cemetery
  3. Vomit to the Grave
  4. Scraping from a Coffin
  5. Who Goes There
  6. Putrid Stench of Death
  7. Secrecy of Dying Flesh
  8. Rotten Gore Excrements Whore
  9. Sentenced to the Knife
  10. Funeral Priest