Hakuja - Legacy (Digipak CD)

Hakuja - Legacy (Digipak CD)

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Originally self-released in 2007 on CDr, Legacy is the only material released by ex-FUNERAL ELEGY member Hakuja. Excellent solo project influenced by a range of bands including CELESTIA / MORTIFERA, KRISTALLNACHT and BURZUM; in similar company with other recent Japanese raw black metal projects like SAMAYOI / KANASHIMI.
Material has been remastered for this release.
Special 6 panel digipack reissue, with new artwork and spot UV lacquering.


Track listing

  1. Dropped on Inferna
  2. Amakakeru
  3. Baal
  4. Black Desire
  5. Kanata
  6. Dew of Blood
  7. Rasen


...if you are looking for traditional black metal played with a unique sound and atmosphere, then no look further. Hakuja's Legacy is your answer. - 5/5