Krake - Conquering Death (CD)

Krake - Conquering Death (CD)

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Krake was conceived as an idea already in 2007 by original founders and brothers, Dreugh and Beist. The idea was to create the best possible symphonic / atmospheric black metal they could possibly achieve. It took 5 years in the making, but the result is nothing short of impressing. Conquering Death is a remarkably strong debut record from a band that no doubt will leave their mark on the genre in the future.


Track listing

  1. A Murder of Crows...
  2. ...and a Colder Breed
  3. Hearts Blood
  4. Ed
  5. The Great Leviathan
  6. Beneath Black Waters
  7. Victorious, I
  8. The Gatekeeper
  9. Snowfall
  10. I ly av lyset