Languish - Feeding the Flames of Annihilation (CD)

Languish - Feeding the Flames of Annihilation (CD)

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LANGUISH is a band that has relied on speed to deliver their message in the most caustic and devastating way possible, but conversely they've taken their time to reach the point they're now at; they stand on the precipice of releasing their third studio album, Feeding The Flames of Annihilation. World events forced a creative go-slow which granted them time to hyperfocus on crafting a sonically pernicious 11-track ode to human beings accelerating their own demise. Despite the album being swathed in nihilism, the occasional glimmer of optimism pushes through in the form of class solidarity and hopeful resistance. But for the majority of the 25 minute runtime, malevolence and misanthropy reigns - articulated more clearly than ever before by vocalist, Sean Mears. Although grindcore continues to make up a good deal of the LANGUISH calling card, a considered leaning towards death metal allows room to enunciate their distaste with more clarity - both literally and metaphorically. The world-weariness felt by its authors is coloured with rage, disappointment and a cycle of hitting rock bottom over and over. Inspired by the socialist anthems of Woody Guthrie, LANGUISH takes swipes at landlords, megacorps, and billionaires - with few escaping their scathing sulfur.


Track listing

  1. Manifesto
  2. Last Legs
  3. Ripped Remains
  4. Parasite
  5. Poisoned Chalice
  6. Judas Goat
  7. The Collector
  8. Failed State
  9. Feeding the Flames
  10. Comply or Die
  11. Corporate Dystopia