Messiah - Reanimation 2003 at Abart (Digipak 2CD)

Messiah - Reanimation 2003 at Abart (Digipak 2CD)

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The complete reunion show available for the first time! Remastered with new booklet and liner notes!


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. H.T.A.M./Messiah
  3. Space Invaders
  4. Enjoy Yourself
  5. Choir of Horrors
  6. Akasha Chronicle
  7. Line of Thought of a Convinced Man
  8. Cautio Criminalis
  9. Living with a Confidence
  10. Raped Bodies
  11. Muenchhausen Syndrom
  12. Battle in the Ancient North
  13. Underground
  14. Future Aggressor
  15. Johannes Paul der Letzte
  16. Total Maniac
  17. Condemned Cell
  18. Birth of a Second Individual
  19. Right for Unright
  20. Lycantropus Erectus
  21. Extreme Cold Weather