Mhonos - Humiliati (CD) Mhonos - Humiliati (CD)

Mhonos - Humiliati (CD)

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Ritualistic doom / drone / ambient from France!


Track listing

  1. Alveus Terra
  2. Ex Nihilo... Ad Nihilum...
  3. Mortificare


The void left by the lack of guitars is filled with sickening bass lines so it is easy to forget about the guitar situation and some of the riffing that is here, is amazing, even if it is in small doses. It is all about the atmosphere that is so cold that even the drums sound like someone beating a human corpse most of the time. The vocals are also used in a cold, atmospheric way that could be compared with something you might hear on a Sunn 0))) album but even that band doesn't stoop to this level of bleakness. - 5/5