Momentum - The Freak is Alive (CD)

Momentum - The Freak is Alive (CD)

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Starting off as an extreme black / death metal project in 2003, Iceland's MOMENTUM evolved to excel at blending tactful post-rock atmospheres, reminiscent of ISIS and CULT OF LUNA, with a NEUROSIS-esque level of bone-crushing heaviness broken up by soft singing and relaxed clean passages, intense vocal layering over discordant, staccato bursts and sheets of additional eerie sound textures that explode into high-impact power chords. After the release of their debut album, Fixation, at Rest in 2010, the band has been playing around Europe, and visiting festivals like Eistnaflug, Iceland Airways and Roadburn.

The Freak is Alive, sees the band travelling further into a world of their own. A world portrayed through the artwork, lyrics and concept of frontman Holaf where songs connect on a surreal journey through subconsciousness leaving just enough untold for the observer to get lost in their own interpretation.


Track listing

  1. Bury the Eyes Once Gold
  2. Between Two Worlds
  3. Familiar Unknown
  4. Gauntlet
  5. The Freak is Alive
  6. A Beast is Near
  7. Creator of Malignant Metaphors
  8. Undercover Imagination
  9. Depth of the Whole

Review excellent display of decision-making skills with regard to songwriting and restraint. Lesser bands would very likely have taken this approach into painfully boring and typical "post-metal" territory, and thus failed miserably. Momentum, however, really achieves something special and unique, delivering a strange concept with amazing emotional impact. Highly recommended, and certainly deserving of wider accolades. - 5/5