Mongo Ninja - No Cunt for Old Men (CD)

Mongo Ninja - No Cunt for Old Men (CD)

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Second onslaught from MONGO NINJA. Shitfaced pissed off metal / punk from Oslo! Featuring idiots from THE CUMSHOTS and BLOOD TSUNAMI (Bard Faust - EMPEROR).


Track listing

  1. Mongo Ninja Attack
  2. Broken Cock
  3. Dead to Me
  4. All Bets Are Bad
  5. Wheelchair Hooker
  6. Rather See You Dead
  7. Sharkman of Karlsruhe
  8. Fuck It All
  9. Paid to Stay Away
  10. Shithead Convention
  11. The Ripper Crew
  12. Shotgun Wound (My Last Tattoo)
  13. Pissing in the Wishing Well
  14. I Hate Your Girlfriend
  15. No Cunt for Old Men


Clearly Mongo Ninja couldn't care less whether we buy into this shtick or care for their razor sharp brand of punk, but if you take this stuff seriously then you're in the wrong bar, at the wrong jukebox, spinning the wrong disc. This is big, dumb, odious fun. - 3/5