Muert - Ye Canariae Abezan (CD) Muert - Ye Canariae Abezan (CD)

Muert - Ye Canariae Abezan (CD)

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Necro black metal from Tenerife!
MUERT in their own words: MUERT came to this world by the convened corpses, Ebola (voices / guitars) & Guayota (drums). MUERT is the violent sound of the end, fresh & mature mortuory metal in his most hostile essence, inspired in the complete death. The bestial funeral of life, it’s fanaticism to the cemeteries. Attraction for the graves, it’s the necropolis authority. The abominable destiny and the blackest of the emptyness. MUERT is requiem, the last sound, the black hole of humans, there hasn’t been and won’t be anything equal.


Track listing

  1. Invocatio ad Guanche Abezan
  2. Olor a muert
  3. Of Corpses, Evil & Drinks...
  4. 1.000 momias
  5. Acentejo 1494
  6. Crueldad desde islas Canarias
  7. Sacrifice in the Wild Reigns of Aguere
  8. Leprocity
  9. Leyendland