Nocturnal Poisoning - Other Worlds of the Mind (Digipak CD) Nocturnal Poisoning - Other Worlds of the Mind (Digipak CD)

Nocturnal Poisoning - Other Worlds of the Mind (Digipak CD)

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NOCTURNAL POISONING is the new musical outlet for Malefic after the demise of XASTHUR. Explicitly not a side project or temporary experiment, NOCTURNAL POISONING is all-acoustic and instrumental.
Despite the name it is clear NOCTURNAL POISONING is meant to be appreciated completely separately from previous work. The music bares no obvious relation to XASTHUR, although coming from the same mind these songs naturally betray a sense of the individual behind them as guitars wind delicate melodies into unexpected almost dissonant picked arrangements. This is still very introverted music.
Musical references span modern folk, medieval music to stripped back country, but all cloaked in a darker, abstract atmosphere and aside from a song like Fallen Skies largely without a driven pace, preferring instead to lumber and expand. Percussion is limited to tambourine and occasional drums, there are no electronics except for some very retrained distortion and atmospherics.


Track listing

  1. A Wandering Disappearance
  2. Comatose Traveler
  3. Ripened in the Past
  4. No Place Left to Go
  5. Other Worlds of the Mind
  6. Deep Rivers Below
  7. Clarity Within Your Confusion
  8. Drifter of Sleep
  9. Fallen Skies
  10. Leaving...Somewhere
  11. Blur of Winter Stillness
  12. Rusted Veils