Pest - Nekrolog (2CD)

Pest - Nekrolog (2CD)

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PEST are dead and this is one of several final testaments to the great German horde released over the past two years. Chinese two-disc edition with thirty songs covering their four albums and some unreleased/demo material.


Track listing

  1. The Spirit of Dark Water
  2. Nebel
  3. Onward to Destroy
  4. Pest
  5. Vado Mori
  6. Weltgericht
  7. Call from the Other Side
  8. Ara
  9. Tears of Hate
  10. Yersinia
  11. Trance
  12. Kingdom of Madness
  13. Es lebe der Tod
  14. Entering Forest
  15. Nachtgesang
  16. Bis in alle Ewigkeit?
  17. Eternal Darkness
  18. Schnee und Eis
  19. Inferno (Unreleased demo)
  20. Bonded (Unreleased demo)
  21. Infinity Awaits
  22. Im Angesicht der schwarzen Sonne
  23. Der Kerker
  24. Ewiges Grab (Unreleased demo)
  25. Failure of Creation
  26. The Glimmer
  27. Wasteland
  28. Am Ende des Weges (Ara U.S. Edition bonus)
  29. Burial (Unreleased pre-mix)
  30. R.I.P. (Unreleased)