Reaping Asmodeia - Darkened Infinity (CD)

Reaping Asmodeia - Darkened Infinity (CD)

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Darkened Infinity is twelve tracks of rhythmically acerbic modern technical death metal and thematically dauntless songwriting, weaving together a conceptual story of transcendence, consciousness and humanity's ongoing struggle with the psychological self.


Track listing

  1. Parasight
  2. Epoch of Choler
  3. False Awakening
  4. Lamentations
  5. Simulacra
  6. Terpsichorean Flume
  7. Dreamcaster
  8. The Forge of Moira
  9. Switching Shadows
  10. Oneironautic Oblivion
  11. Aberration
  12. The Consequence of Being