Runemagick - Voyage to Desolation / Dawn of the End (CD)

Runemagick - Voyage to Desolation / Dawn of the End (CD)

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Hailing from the darkest depths of Surte, Sweden; RUNEMAGICK evoke feelings of utter desolation and despair with their new album, Voyage to Desolation / Dawn of the End. Started in late 1990 and focused on playing a mid-tempo death/doom style of metal, they took inspiration from the classic death / black metal bands: CELTIC FROST, BATHORY, AUTOPSY, and HELLHAMMER. Chock full of heavier than thou riffage cohered with haunting leads and blackened undertones, this album brings to mind the darkness and despair of a plodding funeral procession. Crushing and deliberate at one point, moody and distant in the next, RUNEMAGICK aurally depicts the dreary murk and fog that embodies the coldest, most dimsal graveyard Sweden has to offer.


Track listing

  1. Preludium - Enter the Circle
  2. Voyage to Desolation
  3. Chthonic Temple Smoke
  4. Retaliation
  5. Volcano Throne
  6. Incantation 444
  7. Magus of Fire
  8. Dawn of the End


Multitudes of bands should pray all day and night to the pagan gods and beg to be half as good as this Swedish threesome. They are bold in their presentation, daring in their creativity and epic in their vision. Close your eyes and you can feel the earth shake and see the mighty Cthulhu rise out of the ocean's depths. Or something like that. Fascinating and ambient soundscapes, yes. But also plenty of great riffs and hooks. A perfect blend of old school doom with more modern experimental forays. - 5/5