Saltus - Symbols of Forefathers / Inexploratus Saltus (CD)

Saltus - Symbols of Forefathers / Inexploratus Saltus (CD)

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The fires of the past are reborn with these two releases now available on one album. The first part originally found on a split with LEGACY OF BLOOD shows the bands present black / death metal sound while the latter which comes from their first demo shows the pagan black metal sound of the early years.

Collects two early demos: Inexploratus Saltus (1997) and Symbole przodków (2001).


Track listing

  1. Introduction
  2. Symbols of Forefathers
  3. Anger of Fourfaces
  4. Season in the Abyss (Slayer cover)
  5. Oda do zamierzchłych czasów
  6. Era mroku
  7. Dech ciemnych borów
  8. Podróż ku kresom
  9. Pochwała śmierci
  10. Ostatnie przebudzenie