Sectioned - Purulent Reality (CD)

Sectioned - Purulent Reality (CD)

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SECTIONED was formed in 2006 by Zoltan Valter in Broadstairs, England. The goal was to play death metal the way he envisioned. The band released the promo "ELME" in 2007 and worked hard spreading them all over the world. The promo has received great reviews. After several line-up changes and fine tuning of the material the band started recordings for their debut album "Purulent Reality" in 2009. The line-up features members from Dimentianon and ex-Frost [Hungary] and is the strongest line-up to date. The band has played shows in USA and Europe including a show in Holland opening up for the legendary Thanatos. In late August of 2009 SECTIONED returned to Hungary with the new line-up and played another triumphant show. SECTIONED is a full time death metal band that has nothing to do with religion or politics. They play death metal in the vein of the Florida and Swedish greats!!! Which includes intricate solos, brutal vocals, and a very in your face approach which the band proudly stands for.


Track listing

  1. A Lonely Grasp of Winter
  2. My Love of Decay
  3. Loneliest Man
  4. Behind My Eyes
  5. Mirrors
  6. Village of the Sun
  7. Purulent Reality (Outro)