Senmuth - Weird (CD)

Senmuth - Weird (CD)

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When your life situation becomes aggravated, you take the path and break new ground hardly in order to dispose of your inner conflict. You begin to have both a rough time and face the force of various circumstances even more... but in the course of it your affairs get more expressed value, and you begin to grow, develop... You go being full of energy, and you are illumed by the Light existing from the beginning of Everything, and this Reason is the Great Secret... Passing the last circle, you widen your consciousness, uniting your opposites... And you remain only with something you have just inscribed on your tabula rasa.


Track listing

  1. Dagaz
  2. Raido
  3. Nauthiz
  4. Isa
  5. Berkan
  6. Uruz
  7. Kano
  8. Perth
  9. Ehwaz