Sombre Croisade - Litanie au mal (CD)

Sombre Croisade - Litanie au mal (CD)

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First album of raw black metal following the 2012 split with SUICIDAL MADNESS.


Track listing

  1. Aliénante transparence
  2. Tournoyantes ombres
  3. Litanie au mal
  4. Ultime rébellion
  5. L'envol
  6. La promesse d'un mortel (Horna cover)
  7. Suave explosión
  8. Outro / Onirisme


Musically, the band didn't change much in its sound, that is that they play this slow, cold and melancholic Black Metal that they had presented to us also in their previous release, but this time with better production and mix. - 3/5