Styggelse - No Return (CD)

Styggelse - No Return (CD)

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Swedish black'n'roll! Their second album. Includes members of LIKBLEK, SNAKESKIN ANGELS, and PAGAN RITES.


Track listing

  1. Ironstorm
  2. Hangover in a Grave
  3. Opus Necro
  4. Wartimes
  5. We Are That Venom
  6. Born to Bleed
  7. Du Ska do Ikvall

Review doesn't take long to hear some Darkthrone influence coming through. It's crusty, it's dirty, it's thrashy, it's fucking RAW! No Return is an album that'll satisfy across the board. It could have been slightly more diverse in areas, but altogether it's a really strong release. - 4/5

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