Tarkus - Tarkus (2023 Reissue) (LP)

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In 1971, Walo Carrillo and Alex Natanson, drummer and guitarist with TELEGRAPH AVENUE, began rehearsing with Argentine rockers Guillermo Van Lacke and Darío Gianella, who had arrived in Lima pursuing a hippie lifestyle.
Influenced by BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE and the Argentinian group ALMENDRA, TARKUS recorded their one and only album between April and May 1972, without any supervision from the label, and although MAG was not happy about the results as it expected more commercial songs in the style of TA, it immediately released the record for sale, with a limited edition.
TARKUS disbanded that same year, before their first concert, leaving samples of the best psych and heavy rock sounds of the time, and the album's black cover became legendary for fans Peruvian heavy rock.


Track listing

  1. El pirata
  2. Martha ya esta
  3. Cambiemos ya
  4. Tempestad
  5. Tema para lilus
  6. Tranquila reflexion
  7. Rio tonto
  8. Tiempo en el sol