The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic (CD) The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic (CD)

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic (CD)

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The music sure didn't hurt either; even the synth bass sounded perfectly right. Other songs, like the brawling "Blues From a Gun" and the aggro-sneer of "Her Way of Praying," suggest a new energy on the part of all involved, though likely enough they came across better live in the end with the Reids' then-touring band of the time. Meanwhile, there are definitely some sharp individual moments: the sudden massive feedback clang during the instrumental break on "Coast to Coast," the "Sweet Jane"-inspired melody on the nicely moving "Halfway to Crazy," and the hint of strings on the brief "Drop."


Track listing

  1. Here Comes Alice
  2. Coast To Coast
  3. Blues From A Gun
  4. Between Planets
  5. UV Ray
  6. Her Way Of Praying
  7. Head On
  8. Take It
  9. Half Way To Crazy
  10. Gimme Hell
  11. Drop
  12. Sunray


Automatic's power is its faith in simplicity and its inspiration is in the way it sabotages the structures it celebrates. William Reid approaches the guitar as a flamethrower, and by the end of the album he's trashed the terrain in just about every track, like the climactic shoot-out in an over-the-top apocalyptic battle movie. - 4/5