The Murder Junkies - European Invasion 2005 (DVD)

The Murder Junkies - European Invasion 2005 (DVD)

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In November of 2005, after many years of anticipation, the Murder Junkies finally toured Europe for the very first time. First arriving in Switzerland, the journey took them across 8 countries over a thirty day period. Each night they performed for enthusiastic audiences and were treated to an overwhelming crowd response. The combination of their high energy show and the intensity of their crazed fans led to one hell of a rowdy kick ass tour. This DVD includes the very best audio and video tracks from various performances.



With singer J.B. Beverley taking Allin's spot and Scotty Wood taking guitarist William Weber's spot, the only two original Murder Junkies left in attendance are Merle Allin (G.G.'s brother) on bass and the notorious Dino Sex on drums. Still, the group does a fine job of re-creating the fury of G.G.'s music -- but without the blood, scars, and lumps that used to go hand in hand with Allin's over-the-top performances. Most of the track list is comprised of G.G. Allin classics ("Highest Power," "Die When You Die," "Bite It You Scum") as well as a few newly penned tunes by the Murder Junkies ("Dopesick"). And if you get to the end of the performance footage and find yourself missing ol' G.G., don't fear -- an especially violent/confrontational vintage spoken word performance from 1989 is included as a bonus bit. - 5/5

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