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The Normal - Warm Leatherette / T.V.O.D. (CD)

The Normal - Warm Leatherette / T.V.O.D. (CD)

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An early and important part of UK post-punk / industrial / electro music. Daniel Miller founded Mute Records to release this EP, the label has gone on to release other important records by Boyd Rice, Nick Cave, and DEPECHE MODE among others.


Track listing

  1. Warm Leatherette
  2. T.V.O.D.


A pivotal, early release of electronic new wave, this single oddly gained more notoriety for its B-side, "Warm Leatherette." Amidst jolting zaps, pops, and blipping skips, Daniel Miller robotically intones about the pleasures of car crash as foreplay... - 5/5