Tjolgtjar - The Tjolgtjarian Mass (CD)

Tjolgtjar - The Tjolgtjarian Mass (CD)

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TJOLGTJAR's The Tjolgtjarian Mass CD is out on Baphomet Records. TJOLGTJAR performs original psychedelic black metal, in the vein of JUDAS ISCARIOT and XASHTUR but with their own twist.


Track listing

  1. Enter the Halls of the Pororium
  2. The Ceremony of Tjolgtjar
  3. Exorcism Spell
  4. Prayer of the Five Keys
  5. Tjolgtjarium Ritual
  6. Acts of Communion
  7. The Offering
  8. Curse upon Our Enemies
  9. Invoking Our Lord Skuulkuun
  10. The Black Arts of Vruguun
  11. Exit Through the Gate