Universalia in Re - Grandes Visioes (Digipak CD) Universalia in Re - Grandes Visioes (Digipak CD)

Universalia in Re - Grandes Visioes (Digipak CD)

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Grandes Visioes presents six performances from the Cantigas de Santa Maria, one of the largest collections of medieval poems and musical notation written during the 13th Century. Russian medieval revivalists Universalia in Re interpret and perform six Cantigas with an additional two interludes.

Ensemble: Danil Ryabchikov. Yulia Ryabchikova, Ekaterina Bonfeld, Maria Batova, Maria Golubeva.

Recorded in 2008, released in 2012. 4 page digipack, 16 page booklet. Special Russian import.

Universalia non solum in intellectu sunt, sed et in re.


Track listing

  1. Eno nome de Maria (CSM 70)
  2. Interludio
  3. Pois que dos reys nostro Sennor (CSM 424)
  4. Interludio
  5. Alegria, alegria (CSM 425)
  6. Interludio (CSM 24)
  7. Pera toller gran perfia (CSM 85)
  8. Subiu ao ceo o Fillo de Deus (CSM 426)


The eight tracks follow an operatic theme with cascading and theatrical female vocals. The 12th century songs follow the structure of virelais, which is an Arabic musical form that rose to popularity in Europe in the 14th century. The Medieval songs would not be complete without the addition of traditional instruments. Thankfully, Universalia in Re showcase the psaltery, citole, vielle, rebec, guitarra morisca, and double pipe... Overall, Grandes Visioes is an excellent addition to the Medieval music collector and anyone looking for something unique. Extensive liner notes are included. - 5/5