Void - Posthuman (CD) Void - Posthuman (CD)

Void - Posthuman (CD)

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The debut album by VOID! Formed by OCD, who, around this same time, was collaborating with ZYKLON and ABORYM. Vocals by Ionman (HEXVESSEL, ex-CODE). Industrial and experimental extreme metal.


Track listing

  1. Cypher
  2. Neutron Flux
  3. Pathogen Bombshell
  4. Syndrome
  5. Future Horror Aura
  6. Sulpher City Sickness
  7. Zero Signal Pattern
  8. Posthuman


Lord almighty! I haven't listened to such a magnificent industrial black metal outbursts since the release of Thorns' self-titled album two years ago! I even dare to think that Posthuman is better... damn it, it's really a genre-milstone! - 5/5