Vomit Orchestra - Bridges Burnt (CD)

Vomit Orchestra - Bridges Burnt (CD)

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The experimental sounds of VOMIT ORCHESTRA revise what is known as reality, permeating the decomposition of spiritual blindness and absolute-nihilism.


Track listing

  1. Music I
  2. Dying
  3. Scraping The Pipe
  4. A Dirty Glass Ceiling
  5. Music II
  6. Psalm 22
  7. The Human Condition
  8. Music III
  9. Bridges Burnt
  10. Inadvertent Suite No. 1


All VO releases are far from normal and usually defy being pigeon-holed into any distinct genre, but :Bridges Burnt: is experimental even by his own standards. as stated above, it's far from easy listening, but it's worth the effort if you're willing. - 5/5