Winterblood - Herbstsehnsucht (CD) Winterblood - Herbstsehnsucht (CD)

Winterblood - Herbstsehnsucht (CD)

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A genious mixture of melodic black metal and an innovative, unique avant-gardistic style of black metal, combined with sophisticated lyrics and a fresh breeze of death doom metal and suicidal / depressive black metal. An album over 59 minutes between hope and despair from this German, young and talented black metal horde! Avant-garde meets oldschool! For fans of SHINING, FORGOTTEN TOMB, TODTGELICHTER, SWALLOW THE SUN and ALCEST.


Track listing

  1. Nur der Tod hat mir Erlösung gebracht
  2. Mit jedem Abschied wird Erinnerung geboren
  3. Raserei des Meeres
  4. Dernière
  5. My Eternal Grave
  6. Herbstsehnsucht
  7. Saturnnebel
  8. Dernière


The band's strengths lie on creating very melancholic sections, like some Depressive BM bands do. A fine example is the opening section of "Raserei des Meeres". The clean vocals introduced throughout the song are quite chilling, giving that creepy vibe that bands like Poema Arcanus have. The BM riffing backdrop on this song is quite powerful and well-crafted into the overall vibe. The short and powerful "Derniere" is one of the best songs in this release thanks to the eerie clean vocals and harsh vocals combination alongside the straightforward riffing. - 5/5