Wormwitch - Wolf Hex (Digipak CD)

Wormwitch - Wolf Hex (Digipak CD)

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Interlacing black metal and high-energy rock n roll with gothic melodic and harmonic flourishes, Wolf Hex, the third LP from Canada's WORMWITCH, is filled with monumental moments continuing the band's upward trajectory in the global metal scene. Shortly after 2019's release of Heaven That Dwells Within, we went on an indefinite hiatus. Just before the beginning of the virus and the first quarantine, we made the decision to come back to WORMWITCH with rejuvenated spirits and write a new record. The result is 10 songs that we recorded between three studios over the course of this past Autumn. The writing and recording process has been the smoothest, most natural, and most fulfilling we've experienced thus far and we've never been so confident in a record throughout its creation. As always, endless thanks to those who have been with us since the beginning as well as those who have discovered us through HTDW.


Track listing

  1. Lunar Maniac
  2. Canadian Denim Mountain Attack
  3. The Wolves of Ossory
  4. Hammer of the Underworld
  5. The Crimson Proof
  6. Abracadabra
  7. Leering Crystal Effigies
  8. Grail
  9. Teeth of the Dawn
  10. Hit the Lights (Metallica cover)