Yinwa - Bela Nitochka (White Thread) (CD) Yinwa - Bela Nitochka (White Thread) (CD)

Yinwa - Bela Nitochka (White Thread) (CD)

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The name of this project - Yinwa - comes from the name of the river that flows on Perm' lands, commonly known as the Inva river in English. This word can be translated from Komi-Permyak language in Russian as: women's water, women's river, women's tears, or the divine river. Three female voice polyphony, featuring Irina Pyzhyanova, sing authentic Russian folk songs, mostly female and wedding. The album includes songs from Perm, St. Petersburg, Bryansk, Pskov regions and Karelia.


Track listing

  1. Свадебный причет (Wedding Lament)
  2. Скучно моей пташке (My Birdie is Bored)
  3. Ты река ль моя, реченька (River, My River)
  4. Пылянка-круглянка (Pylyanka-Kruglyanka)
  5. Красивая солнышка (Beautiful Sun)
  6. Не летай, соловочка (Don't Fly, Nightingale)
  7. Куды сдумала она (Wherever She Thinking)
  8. Свыкалися с миленьким (Get Used to My Darling)
  9. Красно солнышко (Red Sun)
  10. Как под Киевом, под Черниговом (As Near Kiev, Near Chernigov)
  11. Масленичная (Shrovetide Song)
  12. Жнивная (Harvest Song)
  13. Судно по реке (Boat on a River)
  14. Лужком бережком (Across the Meadow, by the Shore)
  15. Уж ты, пташечка полевая (Oh, Little Bird)