Paradise Lost, Plate XII (Greetings Card)

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by Gustave Doré, 1866

Matte textured card, inside is blank for your message. Includes envelope.

Used as artwork on:
Styggmyr - Sathanas Supreme (2008)
Rotting Flesh - Realms Beyond Heaven (1996)
Resuscitator - Satan Falls to Earth (1993)
Pestilential Shadows - Embrace After Death (The Fate of All That Lives II) (2005)
Black Forest - When Angels Die (2006)
Achral Necrosis - The Descent of Madness (2008)
Abolition / Hang the Bastard - Split (2009)

Look downward on that globe, whose hither side
With light from hence, though but reflected, shines;
That place is Earth, the seat of Man; that light
His day, which else, as the other hemisphere,
Night would invade; but there the neighbouring moon -
So call that opposite fair Star - her aide
Timely interposes, and her monthly round
Still ending, still renewing, through mid heaven,
With borrowed light her countenance triform
Hence fills and empties to enlighten the earth,
And in her pale dominion checks the night.
That spot to which I point is Paradise,
Adam's abode; those lofty shades his bower.
Thy way thou canst not miss, me mine requires.

Thus said, he turned, and Satan, bowing low,
As to superior spirits is wont in heaven,
Where honour due and reverence none neglects,
Took leave, and toward the coast of Earth beneath,
Down from the ecliptic, sped with hoped success,
Throws his steep flight in many an aëry wheel,
Nor stayed, 'till on Niphates top he lights.