Lucifer's Fall - II: Cursed & Damned (CD)

Lucifer's Fall - II: Cursed & Damned (CD)

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Straight from South Australia, LUCIFER'S FALL recorded Their second full-length album called II: Cursed & Damned. LUCIFER'S FALL was created in 2013 by Deceiver and Unknown Unnamed (members of ROTE MARE). In 2014 they recorded their debut album. LUCIFER'S FALL, worshiping a raw traditional doom metal, classic doom metal bands like SAINT VITUS, PENTAGRAM and REVEREND BIZARRE. II: Cursed & Damned contains nine tracks with heavy catchy riffs, crushing sounds and brilliant vocals. No tricks, no bullshit, this is sense of doom!


Track listing

  1. Mother Superior
  2. Damnation
  3. The Mountains of Madness
  4. Cursed Priestess
  5. (Fuck You) We're Lucifer's Fall
  6. The Necromancer
  7. Sacrifice
  8. The Invocator / Cursed Be Thy Name
  9. Homunculus