Suicidal Anorexia - MHIIMB MSBFAR (CD)

Suicidal Anorexia - MHIIMB MSBFAR (CD)

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DSBM from Mexico.


Track listing

  1. Fragility
  2. My Eternal Asphyxia
  3. Palabras Sin Aliento
  4. Open Your Veins (Open Your Veins, Free Your Soul from this Mortal Coil)
  5. Negativity
  6. Flies Comes Out from My Veins
  7. And My Body will Melt into the Black Earth
  8. Restos de Culpa
  9. I Wonder if the Rope Still Hangs the Tree that I am Following with this Suicidal Wings
  10. In einem Friedhof - Errance (Moevot cover)