Ugra Karma - Mountain Grinders (EP)

Ugra Karma - Mountain Grinders (EP)

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Hailing from the Himalayan nation of Nepal, UGRAKARMA unleashes an aggressive and uncompromising brand of Death Metal, 13 years after their last release. As the first death metal band from their country, UGRAKARMA has influenced countless bands in Nepal and has achieved a cult status throughout the South Asian region. On this EP, these four death-mongers churn out some sick, fast, no-frills death metal inspired by early death / black / thrash / grind. Two basses are applied: one distorted and fretless and the other one clean and finger plucked, together creating a deep and filthy sound from the festering bowels of the deceased. A real blitzkrieg on the battery blended with a triple vocal assault of growls and screeches complete this barrage of aggression. These torchbearers of old school death metal have created an enormous impact in their home country and they are about to invade the rest of the world with their Himalayan metal of death.


Track listing

  1. Annapurna - The Serial Killer
  2. Nullifidian
  3. Mount Blasphemy
  4. Chandaal Shaitaan
  5. 108 Decapitations