Atomizer - Death Mutation Disease Annihilation (2008 Reissue) (CD)

Atomizer - Death Mutation Disease Annihilation (2008 Reissue) (CD)

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Reissue of ATOMIZER's second LP originally released in 2002. New edition includes six bonus tracks: When the Demons Come, Black Metal (Venom cover), and four tracks from a January 2001 demo!


Track listing

  1. Intro - Incubation
  2. Hesitation Wounds
  3. In the Mortal Realm You Roam No More
  4. For Blood! For Blood!
  5. Black Heart Epiphany
  6. Death Mutation Disease Annihilation
  7. He Couldn't Save Himself (How Do You Expect Him to Save You?)
  8. Unit 731
  9. The End! The End!
  10. Shadenfreude
  11. Ritual
  12. When the Demons Come
  13. Black Metal (Venom cover)
  14. Ritual (Demo Jan 2001)
  15. Unit 731 (Demo Jan 2001)
  16. Jesus Christ A Savior? Ha! (Demo Jan 2001)
  17. Death - Mutation - Disease - Annihilation (Demo Jan 2001)