Profanatica - The Enemy of Virtue (2CD)

Profanatica - The Enemy of Virtue (2CD)

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Various early and rare excretions from the cult blasphemous horde!!

Disc One contains the same material as Collection, released in 2001 by War Hammer and Necroscope: Putrescence of... (re-released as As Tears of Blood Stain the Altar of Christ) (demo 1990), Broken Throne of Christ (demo 1990), Weeping in Heaven (ep 1991), Tormenting Holy Flesh (their side of the 1992 split with Colombia's MASACRE), previously unreleased 1992 studio session.

Disc Two includes more recent rare recordings: Broken Jew (ep 2002), a previously unreleased mp3-only song, unreleased TOTEN-cover rehearsal (TOTEN was Ledney / Gelso's pre-PROFANATICA black metal band from 1987-1988!), 5-song live recording from 2001.


Track listing

  1. Raping of Angels
  2. Final Hour of Christ
  3. Of Pestilence...
  4. Scourging and Crowning
  5. Weeping in Heaven
  6. Weeping in Heaven
  7. Heavenly Father
  8. Spilling Holy Blood
  9. Final Hour of Christ
  10. Weeping in Heaven
  11. I Arose
  12. As Tears of Blood Stain the Altar of Christ
  13. Crucifixion Wounds
  14. Once Removed Savior (a.k.a. Disease Infested Cunts of Dead Nuns)
  15. Mary (Conceived With Sin)
  16. Jehovah Fading
  17. Broken Jew
  18. Fuck the Messiah
  19. Passion of a Liar
  20. Macabre
  21. Of Pestilence...
  22. Misery
  23. Spilling Black Cum and Vomit
  24. Intro
  25. Broken Jew
  26. Fuck the Messiah
  27. Weeping in Heaven
  28. Heavenly Father
  29. Outro