Steven Severin - Vampyr (Digisleeve CD)

Steven Severin - Vampyr (Digisleeve CD)

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Following on from 2010's 'Blood Of A Poet' (CSR135CD), Steven Severin presents the third score in his 'Music For Silentes' series. Acclaimed solo artist and founder member of the legendary Siouxsie And The Banshees, Severin presents a mesmerising score, heightening appreciation of the surreal and enigmatic nature of the original work.

'Vampyr', Carl Theodor Dreyer's unsettling tale of fear and obsession, finds its aural counterpart in Severin's textured score; a synthesised, highly atmospheric soundscape drawing the listener rhythmically into the story.

Presented in a textured card sleeve with artwork by Arban.


Track listing

  1. Through a Glass Darkly
  2. Allan's Theme
  3. Upon My Death
  4. Shadow's Play
  5. They Are Murdering Him
  6. (Intersection)
  7. Giselle's Theme
  8. Leone Summoned
  9. Leone Smiles
  10. Bloodwork
  11. Poison / Aftermath
  12. (Intersection)
  13. Phantom's Journey
  14. The Apparition
  15. The Mill


What Severin has done utilising modern electronic equipment is create a highly textured score; a synthesised, darkly atmospheric sound scape that aims to draw the listener rhythmically into the story. - 4/5