Tulus - Evil 1999 (2007 Reissue) (CD)

Tulus - Evil 1999 (2007 Reissue) (CD)

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The killer third album by TULUS. The band ceased following this album, members formed KHOLD in 2000 and later resurrected TULUS with Biography Obscene in 2007.


Track listing

  1. Menneskefar
  2. Tarantulus
  3. Draug
  4. Cyprianus
  5. Dokkemaker
  6. Salme
  7. Blodstrup
  8. Sjel
  9. Darskap til Visdom
  10. Kviteheim


...the core of this spectacular effort is the musical craftsmanship. The instruments, all powerful and all bludgeoning, are also separate and imaginatively distinctive. Second, the bass work is absolutely incredible. Black metal, in my opinion, does not have the world's best track record for astounding low-end bass manipulation, but Tulus changes that completely. As evidence, listen to track three, "Draug". Without a doubt, one of the most inspired couplings of bass and guitar riffing I've heard in recent years. My personal favourite is "Salme", song six on this masterful release. A perfect blend tilting towards the harmonious in the track's aggressive black metal approach. - 4/5