Blodtru - A Brighter Sun (CD)

Blodtru - A Brighter Sun (CD)

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With half-part fury against the modern world and half-part love towards nature's eternal wisdom, this album intends to evoke in the listener the embers that glow deep within.


Track listing

  1. Rising
  2. Damaged
  3. In Purity and in Light
  4. When No Animal Bled for Us
  5. Holy


Blodtru's sophomore album starts off subtly before heading into harsh territory and finally gripping the listener with melancholic arrangements that keep them entranced until they have come to an end. This type of experimentation is exactly what I've been intrigued by over the past few years, and it is great to find another artist who has managed to take established genres and take them in new directions. A Brighter Sun is gripping, diverse, and at times unsettling and that makes it an album you won't soon forget and another highlight of 2011. - 4/5