Set and Setting - A Vivid Memory (Digipak CD)

Set and Setting - A Vivid Memory (Digipak CD)

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Second album from the dramatic and dynamic, genre-defying instrumental group. Produced, engineered and mixed by Ryan Haft (TORCHE). Recommended for fans of ISIS, RUSSIAN CIRCLES and NORTH.

"Although A Vivid Memory is instrumental, it is a conceptual album based on the tragedy of loss and death from both the insider and outsider's perspective. The themes throughout the album incorporate all cycles of emotion that typically come along with such an event in someone's life." – guitarist Shane Handal


Track listing

  1. Waves of Luminescence
  2. The Inevitable Cycle
  3. Acceptance
  4. Emptiness
  5. Descending Sun
  6. The Light That Left Us
  7. Coping
  8. The Last Night, A Vivid Memory