Surfbort - Friendship Music (CD) Surfbort - Friendship Music (CD)

Surfbort - Friendship Music (CD)

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SURFBORT, a four-piece punk band from Brooklyn, New York made up of David Head, Alex Kilgore, Sean Powell and led by Dani Miller, channels inspiration from the 80s punk scene to produce rousing, explosive music. SURFBORT's live experience is visceral and confrontational. In the last three years they have supported acts such as The Dickies, Thee Oh Sees, Fat White Family, White Fang, Martin Rev, The GARDEN, TIJUANA PANTHERS, THE MYSTERY LIGHTS, TOMORROWS TULIPS, DIIV, GOGGS, THE DUNE RATS, LEFTOVER CRACK etc, MEATBODIES, EX-CULT, HINDS etc.


Track listing

  1. Hi Anxiety
  2. Feed
  3. Slushy
  4. Pretty Little Fucker
  5. Sunshine
  6. Les Be In Love
  7. Trashworld
  8. Dope
  9. White People
  10. Burn
  11. Rats
  12. ACAB
  13. Stalker
  14. 45
  15. Selfie
  16. Friendship Music