Zeddmore - Kicking Rocks (Cassette)

Zeddmore - Kicking Rocks (Cassette)

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Can you ever really say a band blends old and new school well with a straight face? Well ZEDDMORE from the Hudson Valley of NY state will force you into doing it. The band formed from the ashes of COLONY, CASKET ARCHITECTS and locals PROBLEMS, forge a mixture of early 80's west coast hardcore (think BLACK FLAG) and meld it with an early 80's Dischord feel (if you close your eyes you might think a Mackaye brother is fronting this band). The kicker is they do bring in some modern elements to their sound like some of COALESCE's chaos during breakdowns. The 5 songs on this tape will prove that ZEDDMORE is mixing a few decades of influences into a release that is worth checking out.


Track listing

  1. Collapse
  2. Naked Natives
  3. Postal
  4. Zuul
  5. World Of The Psychic