Taint - Secrets and Lies (CD)

Taint - Secrets and Lies (CD)

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The album is an object lesson in sustained tension, reinforced with the toughest of hooks and complex dynamics which suggest a certain familiarity with the murky world of prog while remaining firmly grounded in aggressive, energetic punk-informed rock. And the riffs! Every track is blessed with the kind of infectious gut-level riffage lesser bands would give not only their eye teeth but a mouthful of precious pearly whites to procure. Taint have delivered one of this year's most powerful albums, and a wake up call to British rock.


Track listing

  1. Hex Breaker
  2. Corpse of Love
  3. Barnstorm Zombie Revival
  4. Born Again Nihilist
  5. The Idealist
  6. Goddamn This City
  7. What the Crow Saw
  8. Triumverate
  9. Mass Appeal Sadness / I Fulfill I


Taint comes across as a group of musicians who just happen to like many different types of aggressive rock, and their broad-mindedness serves them well on this hard-hitting, infectious disc. - 4/5